It never fails to bring a smile to my face when I see all the ways a logo I designed gets used. This is the reception desk in a new office space for The Armstrong Land Corp. I am loving the distressed finish on the metal(?) desk and the very creative negative space application of the logo! Not sure who the interior designer is on this project, but I am definitely a fan!

I do a lot of freelance graphic design work under contract for other companies and consultants which unfortunately I can’t share with you. I also do a lot of graphic design work for my own clients that isn’t super sexy or interesting so sadly, it doesn’t make the blog either. One of my favourite quotes is, “Design is art that makes itself useful.”* Another maxim I adhere to is, ‘good design is almost invisible,’ which can translate into uninteresting to the average viewer, they just know that somehow it looks professional. So when my client sent me these photos  – which qualified as both sexy and interesting – I was excited to be able to share.

*1984 poster for Die Neue Sammlung, design museum, Munich

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