Out of the blue last week, I got a message from someone on LinkedIn who had seen my work and wanted me to come and talk to them about launching their branding. At first, I thought it was a mass email scam thing. These things don’t happen to me, I don’t even promote myself on LinkedIn. Happy day, it turned out to be the real deal and off I went to chat with the creator of Droplet teardrop trailers. (umm cutest trailers – ever! almost makes me want to camp).

‘Do you like camping?’ was one of the first things they asked me. Well, I have some hilarious stories about why I don’t like camping involving rainstorms, torn (borrowed) tents, no air mattress and the Rocky Mountains in May but I can’t actually say I like camping – or even glamping. I’m pretty much a city girl, I enjoy the mountains and outdoors on day trips, I just like to sleep in a real bed, in a bedroom with indoor facilities close by.

As the conversation came to a close, they asked me to stop by their display in the Vancity on 898 Pender Street and give them my recommendations on how to fix the signage. So I did. This was a super fun project. In the end, they went with someone who loves camping and is less busy than me but it was an honour to be considered and he loved my suggestion (below) for the new signage:


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