Wow. It HAS been a long time since my last post. The summer was pretty quiet for me. I really enjoyed the almost uninterrupted relaxation after a crazy busy spring as I really needed the break. In the last week of August the phone started ringing again and here is a sample of one of the more interesting projects I have been working on.

Katherine Fitz is a talented and thoughtful writer who is developing her journals into a devotional style blog.  She has also written a whole Bible study course for tween girls on self-image which she will eventually be selling, along with other things, on her blog store. (yeah, I am impressed too!) She decided she needed a logo and initially went with an “I can’t believe it’s this cheap” kind of service to create it. As it became apparent that wasn’t working out so well, she asked me to jump in and take it away –  which I did 🙂

Katherine was looking for a signature style logo that reflected her personality and her writing on our search for worth. Her tagline is ‘grace to embrace our design’.  I wanted to capture visually the imperfectness of our journey and our need for grace. The original presentation always has a lot more detail and all the thought process behind each concept.

Below is the simplified version of the initial concepts and the final in the royal blue she loves. And now I am finishing off the website for her.

signature style logo