The referrals have been rolling in this year. (YAY!) This project was referred by a long time client and I am so grateful and pleased. A largish company located in Armstrong BC, has been quietly growing a new division under the banner of a numbered company. It has grown to the point where it now needed a name and an identity. Enter me. Tasked with researching name suggestions for a company that will acquire land, build buildings and then become the landlords, I began my research. Armed with a list of company values and some background knowledge, I began to sort out possibilities until a chance comment by one of the owners made me realize we had a culture gap going on.

I have never lived in a small town. I was born and raised in the lower mainland and am a city girl to the core. Sidewalks are my friends. My parents, on the other hand, cashed out and moved to a small town on Vancouver Island about 10 years ago, so I have been getting an education in the differences between small town and city thinking. I have watched them slowly and happily adapt. One of the big differences seems to be the lack of pretention. Small town folks are what they are and don’t try to dress it up a whole lot or impress. There is a genuineness to them that is lacking in most city folk who by comparison live by the motto(s) ‘fake it ’till you make it’ or ‘dress to impress’ or … you get the idea.

Why does this matter? Because when I was brainstorming names, I was thinking like a city person until the owner commented, “I’m not sure if that name would work on an office door in Armstrong’. The light went on. Pretentious, impressive names got nixed and The Armstrong Land Corporation was born.

With that name came an immediate vision to my head of small town genuineness, integrity, longevity and trustworthiness among other things. This is the vision / name / logo that came out of that whole process.

Armstrong land corp logo