Apparently web design was my lot in life for July because that is pretty much all I did. The first one (posted last week, Axiom Pest Management) was the kind that the owner just needed a website and had no text, no photos, no idea of how to do it and just wanted you to get him something up and running that looked good.

The second one, Able Now Learning Services, was inherited after the project was started by the owner and her son and then deemed over their heads. Either way, I am now completely brushed up on WordPress! It always amazes me that although every website design I work on is WordPress based each site is so different. There are a million different ways to customize and make things work.

When I inherited the Able Now Learning Services website, it was very text heavy and the columns were full screen width making them very hard to read. Also the curriculum choices hadn’t been displayed in an easy to read way and there were missing and broken page links. The danger of a DIY website is that you don’t know what you don’t know. The owner had no idea she needed a system of back up in case of site failure or how to add in the needed Google business page and map locations or how to optimize the pages for Google search. Happily that is all done for her now (as well as the text formatting that was worrying her) and she is up and running. Take a look!

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