What have I been up to lately? I have been swamped – contrary to what it might appear here due to lack of posts! I am playing catch-up today now that I finally have a chance to breathe! One of the more time consuming projects over the last few weeks proved to be the window design of a local hair salon. The owners had put up vinyl sticker lettering advertising their services, prices and calls to action. The landlord insisted they remove all of it and have a professional design the windows subject to landlord approval. 

This is where we started from. Vinyl letter stickers on the windows.

This is where we started from. Vinyl letter stickers on the windows.









This turned into a journey of the owners wanting a photo of every service they offer and the landlord insisting that the client’s feet be hidden from public view when sitting in the waiting area (?!!) Go figure. Not sure what was so terrible about seeing people’s feet.

Landlord says NO to this one. Too busy they said! Add some frosting to to the bottom row to hide those feet!







We submitted this version (above) to the landlord and it was rejected. Too busy they said. Only 1 photo per window window allowed. After much back and forth and more versions I haven’t included here, the owners decided they wanted to emphasize hair cutting, manicure/ pedicures and body waxing which led to this version.

The landlord liked this version but the owners didn't.

The landlord liked this version but the owners didn’t.






The owners initially liked this version but upon reflection decided it wouldn’t work because most of their customers are men and they felt the pictures wouldn’t convey the unisex nature of their business. They were also concerned it would block their view of the parking lot and wanted to incorporate their name and the nature of their business. I told them that this was going to be much more costly, they said that was okay. Which led to this version.

LBC Salon store front_man





The reasoning behind the striped cut-outs was to allow a view of the parking lot. The landlord after some grumbling accepted and approved this version BUT …. the printer said stripes are too tricky to install, he would have to charge double installation. He recommended a more abstract pattern. The owner said they didn’t care just come up with something … which led to this version:

LBC Salon store front_UDP





The owners liked this version – we left the landlord out at this point. The printer also loved this version and gave me a quote. Which the owners said was too expensive.  Sooooo the final version? Is the one below. Who knows what the landlord will say when they find out the customer’s feet will be visible from the parking lot? I don’t want to know 🙂





And here is the final product!

window frosting design