This year my business is starting to see some nice referral growth, thanks to my very kind and happy clients! This freshly completed small business web design project was a referral from a long time client to a construction company who specializes in renovations. They, like many small businesses, have been in business a long time (since 1971!). It was started by one man and has grown to include many employees. Since the owner is an expert at what he does – construction – and not marketing, he didn’t have the skills to build a website and wasn’t 100% convinced he needed one … until his son-in-law pointed out that a website may not bring in more business (although ideally, that would happen) but it would certainly stop them from losing business when potential clients try to check them out on the web and find nothing.

According to Thornley Fallis Communications, 81% of shoppers research online before buying. That means if you don’t have a website, you are out of the game. Smart son-in-law!

So Elkhorn Construction now has a website which I have taught them to maintain themselves and have plugged a leak of potential client loss. Happy clients, happy life! You can check it out here. 

small business web design


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