The thing about blogs is they are a challenge to maintain, even for me, who enjoys writing. No wonder the blogs on most of the websites I visit are empty or abandoned. The problem of course is the busier you get, the lower down on the priority list the blog post goes. Sigh. If you read between those lines you will know why I’ve been absent from here for several months. I’ve been busy. Part of that has been with several projects that are under confidentiality agreements so I couldn’t share, even if I had found a minute or two.

Anyway. This project was a referral (YAY!) from another client. This lady is a phenomenal mortgage broker. (I get nothing from saying that) It’s true. I’ve owned a home for decades, I know what I’m talking about. My first conversation with her about mortgages was all business, helpful, knowledgeable and impressive. But she was lost when it came to her logo. She had a logo design done last year and in hindsight felt she had maybe directed the process too closely. The designer had given her what she asked for but the feedback from her clients and friends was, ‘Tara, that is so not you.’

It can happen. There is a fine line between being involved in the process and strangling the creative freedom of the designer. I call it the ‘back seat designer’ syndrome. I have to say it makes me crazy and I go rant to my husband who promises to hunt all such clients down and beat sense into them. Kidding. But I digress.

Anyway. We had a chat about what she liked / didn’t like about the previous logo (only the colour survived) and I got to know her a little bit. She is a super nice down-to-earth professional lady, working mom, with many, many balls in the air. Competent and knows her stuff. A bit of a frustrated girly girl at heart as a mother of boys. I identified the challenge as bringing that desire for the feminine professional look through in the logo without straying into the land of cutesy. She also decided to change her tag line. Her comment when I sent her the initial concepts presentation was ….

AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much. I need a couple of days to really ponder which I like best. You nailed it.

And then she went with this one.

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