print marketing

Flyers, postcards, brochures, email marketing and more.

Every business needs professional marketing material to support and promote their products. After you have your logo, website and business cards established, it is time to add the supporting materials.

The first step is a discussion about what you are hoping to achieve and which piece might best accomplish that goal.

Are you trying to stay in contact with past clients? If you are selling large ticket items like houses or cars your clients will not need to replace them as quickly as consumable products. A great way to stay in contact with clients without actively trying to sell them a new item would be a newsletter – either paper or email.

Are you trying to promote an event or sale? Perhaps an e-flyer or a paper flyer (with your website and social media addresses) direct mailed to your target area through Canada Post would be the best approach.

Are you trying to build a clientele? Direct mail and email marketing work but they take time. What kind of budget do you have and how much time are you willing to commit to this?

Do you need an introduction piece or a something for your clients to take home with them?  A digital or paper brochure or mini catalogue might be the solution.

Why not call today to discuss what you would like to achieve with your marketing and how best to accomplish it?