Have you ever thought of being a nomad? Not many children say, “I want to be a nomad when I grow up.” Yet as we grow older and join the workforce, many of us start to dream of escaping the grind and ‘nomadery’ sounds increasingly intriguing. A long time friend of mine took such a leap recently, quit his job at 53, sold his possessions and retired with his wife to live a globally wandering lifestyle. Since they are not multi-millionaires and both are curious people, they chose to do this in a frugal, non-commercialized way and also to document the journey. Enter the travel blog: http://ournomadicexperience.com/ and facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ournomadicexperience/

Both the blog and facebook page are a really interesting read and share tips about how to do this kind of thing if it appeals to you. They started in the Dominican Republic, spent a week in Cuba, then moved on to Paraguay and are currently heading for Spain. How can you go wrong? I am NOT jealous! Okay maybe a little 🙂

At the beginning of this adventure he contacted me looking for a logo to brand the travel blog. They wanted a clean simple logo to convey the name and emphasize the words ‘Our and ‘Experience’ which are the core of the name and the adventure. Ta da!