client privacyI have had a few clients lately who for one reason or another would rather not have their business shared with the public.

Consequently, I can’t show you what I have been working on – however if you call me and offer me chocolate …. 🙂

So what is a blogging graphic designer to do when ‘mum’ is the word? I can talk about client privacy concerns! If the thought crossed your mind, I would like to work with Colleen but I hope she doesn’t put my job on Facebook!’ You can rest assured; I can keep a secret! I promise I won’t tell, if you would rather I didn’t.

And now you are wondering what all that has to do with the unique fellow eating broccoli while working hard on his treadmill.

I collect photos. I have a huge library. Some are quite odd – like this one – and I can’t imagine a situation where I would ever use it. Since I had no design work I can share with you today, I thought I would share one of my the bizarre members of my photo collection. Happy Easter everyone!