You need to have a strong ick factor when you work on a pest control website. A friend who was interested in web design was visiting one night when I was working on the pest gallery of this site. He was all excited and wanted to see what I was doing … until I turned the screen around and he caught sight of the cockroach photo I was editing. lol. His face went white and he retreated to the couch post haste.

It’s nice to work on a site for a business you know is solid, Axiom Pest Management is a fantastic pest control company. They are my first call when the ants try to invade … or the wasps. Each time I’ve called he came once, did his thing and the problem went away. No follow up, no problem. I hear from other friends and their experiences that this is not the norm.

Since over half us now surf the web on devices other than a computer, this site is responsive friendly (meaning it collapses down and works on a tablet or phone just as well as my laptop.) Here is a quick peak of how it all turned out.

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