What did Christmas bring to Ccreatively Design? In addition to an e-Christmas card campaign and a couple e-newsletters for some long-time clients, I spent the week before Christmas creating branded custom Powerpoint slides. The small business in question spent the last half of 2016 rebranding themselves (with my help 🙂 ). They came to me for a revamped logo which led to a new business card layout and a couple graphic diagrams for their website.

All of that was great but they found as they presented their program to prospects, that their Powerpoint presentation needed some professional attention. (Wow. That’s a lot of p’s!) Taking that next step up from using a stock Powerpoint ‘theme’ for your presentation to one branded with your company’s image speaks volumes to your client. It proclaims without saying a word that your business is professional and to be taken seriously.

custom branded powerpoint slides

Give it some thought and call me to discuss it. The design work doesn’t cost a lot and it gives a great ‘bang for the buck’ when making your presentations.

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