business card

A Business Card – The gift that keeps giving.

I recently read this article on regarding networking mistakes business owners make. Surprisingly the top two mistakes concerned business cards. First that you wouldn’t have one at all and second that yours might be a DIY attempt. As the article points out, a business card says a lot about you that is ongoing and non-verbal. The fact that you have one says you are serious about your business – some thought and planning and money has gone into this. This is not just a whim you are exploring to see if it works out. The quality of the actual paper stock used speaks to your professional image and the quality of product one might expect to receive from your business. The layout and design of the business card also leaves an impression of your organizational skills and ability. Is it crisp, clear and easy to read? Is it a collection of randomly scattered numbers and email addresses?

All of these things are impressions a prospect receives from a simple business card – a piece of card stock that they take back to their office with them. The impressions repeat themselves every time they see or touch the card.

With all the odds stacked against small businesses, this is one that is easily eliminated. Let us help you make a great first – and lasting impression!