business card size

business card size

What is a standard business card size and why should you care? Your business card is often the first impression a potential customer receives of your product or service. Therefore anything you can do to make your card more memorable will help you break through the noise of life everyone is inundated by daily and come to the surface of their conscious mind.

A standard business card size is 3.5” x 2”. All wallets and card holding devices are made to accommodate this average size card. So, although your card will stand out if you play with the sizing, it will also not fit any standard storage receptacle and either become lost  or bent/folded/tattered on the bits that stick out.  Neither is an optimal outcome.

So what is a girl or guy to do?!

Here are five great ways to keep a standard size business card and still stand out from the pack:

  •  Thickness: Go for a noticeably thicker card stock; it is a great way to make your card different and easy to spot in the deck.
  • Finish: The feel or ‘hand’ of a card is an immediate clue about the quality of the card and by association – your company. There ARE other options than a standard gloss.
  • Paper choice:  Would a recycled, textured or stylized card stock enhance this non-verbal introduction?
  • Corner effects:  Follow the lines of the design … are square corners the best choice?
  • Special effects:  A spot gloss, die cut or sparkle effect can be effective ways to highlight certain elements.

“Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance” said Coco Chanel,  so when choosing an option to make your business card stand out, remember, more is not better.

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