Business Card Layout 3 Ways

This week brought a business card layout. I inherited a client who was having trouble with her logo. Her tag line was too long so I made her a 'words only' version of her logo to give her flexibility with her design choices. This week she was ready to go ahead with a business card and a social media … [Read more...]

Two Business Card Mistakes

I was surfing through the other day when I read this interesting article, 5 Avoidable Networking Mistakes That Make You Look Amateurish. Surprisingly the top 2 mistakes concerned business cards. First that you wouldn't have one at all and second that it might be a DIY attempt. I hear … [Read more...]

Beautiful Food, Beautiful Business Card

Wally Lucie & Sons, like many small businesses, started their business first and worried about their business cards later. This is hard for a designer to fathom, but it makes sense from a financial perspective I suppose. Anyway this week Ron's sister, whom I've done lots of work for over the … [Read more...]