It’s Just Pretty

This another project I have been working on recently. I don't know that I really have a whole lot to say about it, other than I just love it. This is an invitation to a retreat and the whole premise is rejuvenate, revive, renew, rethink and peace. And really, they are just pretty. Who wouldn't want … [Read more...]

Camping, Glamping and Branding

Out of the blue last week, I got a message from someone on LinkedIn who had seen my work and wanted me to come and talk to them about launching their branding. At first, I thought it was a mass email scam thing. These things don't happen to me, I don't even promote myself on LinkedIn. Happy day, it … [Read more...]

Custom Powerpoint Slides / Theme Anyone?

What did Christmas bring to Ccreatively Design? In addition to an e-Christmas card campaign and a couple e-newsletters for some long-time clients, I spent the week before Christmas creating branded custom Powerpoint slides. The small business in question spent the last half of 2016 rebranding … [Read more...]

Redoing the Signage

Sometimes your signage needs to be improved or freshened. Such was the case with Langley Life Tabernacle which recently asked me to start a signage project for them. The A-Frame directional arrow was first. These sit out at the intersection by the gym they rent for services. We went with a … [Read more...]

Up Next, A School In … Paraguay

One of the things I love about freelancing in graphic design is it’s so interesting. You never know what the next project will be. This time it is a logo for a school in - yes – Paraguay. Escuela Nuevas Alturas (or in English, New Heights School International) is an accredited school with The … [Read more...]

Logo for a Nomad

Have you ever thought of being a nomad? Not many children say, “I want to be a nomad when I grow up.” Yet as we grow older and join the workforce, many of us start to dream of escaping the grind and ‘nomadery’ sounds increasingly intriguing. A long time friend of mine took such a leap recently, quit … [Read more...]

Beautiful Food, Beautiful Business Card

Wally Lucie & Sons, like many small businesses, started their business first and worried about their business cards later. This is hard for a designer to fathom, but it makes sense from a financial perspective I suppose. Anyway this week Ron's sister, whom I've done lots of work for over the … [Read more...]

Banners x 3!

I thought I was finished with the Capital Giving Campaign I shared with you last week but the project seems to have a 'Brer Rabbit in the briar patch' aspect to it. This week I did a new remittance envelope for it, a branded campaign calendar layout and these three banners which I am totally excited … [Read more...]

Capital Giving Campaign

The thing I love about being a freelance graphic designer is that you never know what you will be asked to do next. I get bored easily! I have been working on this Capital Giving Campaign most of the fall of last year. The printer delivered the finished pieces just before Christmas but I couldn't … [Read more...]