Graphic Design Isn’t Always Sexy and Interesting – But This Project Is

It never fails to bring a smile to my face when I see all the ways a logo I designed gets used. This is the reception desk in a new office space for The Armstrong Land Corp. I am loving the distressed finish on the metal(?) desk and the very creative negative space application of the logo! Not sure … [Read more...]

It’s Just Pretty

This another project I have been working on recently. I don't know that I really have a whole lot to say about it, other than I just love it. This is an invitation to a retreat and the whole premise is rejuvenate,┬árevive, renew, rethink and peace. And really, they are just pretty. Who wouldn't want … [Read more...]

Are You Reaching Your Audience?

No matter how many times I create a logo, the journey is always different. Each one has its own unique message and personality. This journey started with a facebook message from the pastor asking for help. He had discovered the DIY logo that he was currently using wasn't actually legal and upon … [Read more...]

A Signature Look

Wow. It HAS been a long time since my last post. The summer was pretty quiet for me. I really enjoyed the almost uninterrupted relaxation after a crazy busy spring as I really needed the break. In the last week of August the phone started ringing again and here is a sample of one of the more … [Read more...]

Camping, Glamping and Branding

Out of the blue last week, I got a message from someone on LinkedIn who had seen my work and wanted me to come and talk to them about launching their branding. At first, I thought it was a mass email scam thing. These things don't happen to me, I don't even promote myself on LinkedIn. Happy day, it … [Read more...]

Let Them Eat Cake | A Cake Artist Logo

I seem to keep saying this, but I had SO much fun working on this logo! I had no idea there even was such a profession as a cake artist but this lady's creations are truly amazing and definitely deserve to be called art. These are the initial concepts I presented to her - although in a much nicer … [Read more...]

Logo For A Big Company In A Small Town

The referrals have been rolling in this year. (YAY!) This project was referred by a long time client and I am so grateful and pleased. A largish company located in Armstrong BC,┬áhas been quietly growing a new division under the banner of a numbered company. It has grown to the point where it now … [Read more...]

Food Logo Packaging – Healthy Tempeh!

Last week brought a home business entrepreneur that wanted to up her image. She is making and selling tempeh (fermented soybeans). Yes, I know it sounds gross but it actually tastes quite good and is super healthy for you. Her business is growing and she wanted to make her packaging appear less home … [Read more...]

Professional And Feminine But Not Cutesy Logo

The thing about blogs is they are a challenge to maintain, even for me, who enjoys writing. No wonder the blogs on most of the websites I visit are empty or abandoned. The problem of course is the busier you get, the lower down on the priority list the blog post goes. Sigh. If you read between those … [Read more...]

Transit Shelter Advertising

Recently I was driving in Langley near Willowbrook Mall when I looked up and saw some of my work! (SCREECH! STOP!) I did this transit shelter advertising artwork last summer but sometimes it takes a while for the production process to play out. I think it has been up there for a couple months but I … [Read more...]